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How to Properly Use PS2 ISOs

You will hardly find a gamer, who has never tested Playstation 2 games. When Sony Computer Entertainment announced the release of this video gaming console in 2000, it was a breakthrough in the market of gaming devices. Japanese gamers were the first who had a chance to test its functionality. In a year, the six generation console came into retail in North America, Europe, and Australia. It’s the second gaming device in the Playstation console series. Moreover, it was the best-selling gaming device of all time! More than 150 million units were sold out. The release of the new version, PS 3 didn’t make it less popular.

Today, you won’t find these great video game consoles on the market, but this doesn’t mean that PS2 emulator games aren’t available to you. All its games are still alive and you can enjoy the gameplay right away. But to do this, you have to download Playstation 2 ROMs and a suitable virtual gaming emulator.

An emulator is a special program that imitates the work of the console and allows users to play retro games on their devices. Simply put, such software brought the PS 2 games back to life. 

What Are the Most Top-Rated PS2 Games?

The production of this gaming station is stopped a few years ago. Besides realistic graphics, mind blowing sound effects, and the artful design, PS2 games were extremely popular among players. Moreover, they were at the pinnacle of success! A lot depends on your preferences but here’s a list of the most legendary classic games. These PS2 ISOs won’t leave you unfazed:

If you have never tried playing these amazing games, it is time to test them. You won’t regret your decision! Choose any PS2 ISO and try to run it on your device!

What Playstation 2 Emulators Should I Choose?

Remember that you can’t just download PS2 ROMs and somehow try to run them. You need both, a good emulator and a ROM file. The choice of emulators is huge; you just need to pick the one, which is suitable for your operating system. 

The most widely-used items are:

All of them guarantee a stable gaming experience and frequently undergo updates. Some of them can even boast of dual shock controllers support and quick engine optimization. You can download all these emulators from our website right away!

Platforms That Support PS2 ROMs

Wish to jump into an incredible world of PS2 games as soon as possible? Well, that’s a commendable ambition but first, you have to check whether the emulator is suitable for your device. Before you download each tool, you have to feel certain that it was developed specifically for your PC. Have a look at the below-listed tips.

PS2 emulators for iOS-based devices

Eager to open PS2 ROMs on iOS or Mac? Have a look at the below-listed tools. We guarantee, you’ll get the best gaming experience with them:

Virtual gaming station;

Best PS2 emulators for Windows

It goes without saying that Windows is the most popular operating system. Therefore, it is not an issue to find a suitable emulator for it:

Time-proved emulators for Android

These emulators allow you to play on the move from your Android-based device. They are suitable for Android 4 and all the other new versions. If you have an older version of Android, it will be hard to find the right tool, compatible with your OS:

What emulators to choose for Linux?

When using the below-listed tools, you’ll easily open any PS ROM on Linux-based devices:

Though the gaming station is not offered for sale anymore, you still can play its games. You can download all these emulators from this website for free and run your favorite retro game titles at any moment!