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Overview of Top-Flight Original Gameboy Color Roms

Being the first portable gaming console, Gameboy Color is appreciated by players due to its functionality and an extensive range of superb GBC ROMs. The device came in retail in 1998. Needless to say that in those times, it was a masterpiece in the niche of online gaming. First, it had a colored screen, but its blue box looked similar to the Game Boy pocket. The main distinctive features of this gaming device are the increased twice 8-bit processor, better video memory, and increased RAM. All these factors definitely influenced the productivity of the gaming console. The screen of the device was also brighter because it supported the resolution of 320x280 pixels. There were three color palettes and users could regulate them.

We can go on about the Gameboy Color features, but there’s one thing that made it more popular among players - an extensive range of Gameboy Color games. All of them guarantee a truly immersive experience. Today, you can also play them by downloading Game Boy Color ROMs on your device. If you agonize about which one to choose, we strongly suggest you start with the Legend of Zelda. This is one of the best action-adventure game series that was released by Nintendo specifically for the Game Boy. When playing the game, you’ll be concentrated on exploration and fighting. We bet this legendary game won’t leave you indifferent. If you embark on a voyage of discovery Game Boy Color ROMs, we recommend you to start with this game title. 

The best GBC games also include the following titles:

Original GBC Emulator Games

If you wish to relive the experience of playing this gaming console, having it is not necessary. You need only two options: Gameboy Color emulator and GBC ROMs. You can download all these tools from this website. Mind that we offer ROMs for free, but you can’t run them on your device until you download and install an emulating program. Its main goal is to open GBC ROMs on your computer. 

The technology is going on so today, there’s no need to puzzle your head over the question of how to play retro games if you can’t access the console. You need to use an emulator - a special program that makes your computer imitate the work of the gaming console. Today, you can find the emulators for all existing operating systems.

What Platforms Support Gameboy ROMs?

It goes without saying that some emulators are compatible with all existing operating systems whereas others are developed for only one. Let’s study this question more thoroughly.

GBC emulators for iOS-based devices

If you use iOS and wish to play Game Boy Color ROMs, you will hardly find a better option than GBA4iOS - a powerful emulating program that can easily take the emulation to an absolutely new level. It’s very easy to use and offers a wide array of superb tools like Dropbox Sync, and iPad optimization.

Emulators for Windows

It is not an issue to find a good emulator for Windows. The choice is huge and you just need to take your pick: 

Android supported Gameboy Color emulators

Eager to play on the run? Well, that’s not a problem. In such a scenario, you need to install an emulating program that is compatible with your device. ClassicBoy, EmuBox, My OldBoy or RetroArch might meet your needs. All these tools support almost all the games and offer lots of free features. However, some emulators are too old and haven’t seen the updates in a long time. So if you find some bugs, you won’t change anything.

What emulating programs to choose for Linux?

Even if you are using Linux, you still have a good choice of emulating tools. For example, such programs as DMGBoy, glBoy, or Higan v095 are powerful tools that will help you run ROMs on your Linux-based device.

All in all, you can see that the game titles offered by this gaming console are still alive and you have a fair opportunity to turn back time playing your favorite retro games