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What For a Nintendo ROM Is Used?

Many years ago, when modern smartphones were just a dream, people used game consoles to play games. But nothing is set in stone; the Nintendo game console is already obsolete and people use mobile devices to play games. But what if you wish to turn the clock back and remember the games that were developed by the Nintendo Entertainment System? This is where the use of NES ROMs might come in handy. ROMs or the Read-Only Memory are data files that include a copy of this or that read-only memory chip from a video game cartridge. In other words, many years ago, all the games were stored on cartridges. Today, they are stored on Nintendo ROMs and allow users to enjoy Nintendo games on any modern smartphone, tablet, or computer. So if a person downloads NES ROM games and a suitable emulator, he or she can easily play any Nintendo classic game.

A Few Words About Nintendo Console

NES or the Nintendo Entertainment System was released by Japanese experts in 1983. Being an 8-bit third-generation gaming console, it also includes a wide array of superb features. When buying it, users had a chance to enjoy arcade games on their TV sets. In two years, the gaming console was introduced at the gaming market of the United States and was warmly appreciated by the audience. People liked this device due to a vast collection of games that were released specifically for this gaming station. More than 60 million units were sold worldwide.

A Brief Overview of The Best NES ROMs

As we have already mentioned, a wide array of incredible games was the main benefit of this playing station. And you know what? You still can play them, even if you don’t have a console at hand! If you like action genre, you should definitely try playing the Legend of Zelda, which is well-known for extremely difficult levels. When playing Regar, you have to search for five magic items on your way to the floating castle for your final confrontation.

If you prefer adventure games, Maniac Mansion or Castlevania won’t let you get bored. When playing the Ninja Gaiden series, you have to tackle the evil and carry throwing stars through different environments.

If you want more, you should test the gameplay offered by such ROM games as Super Mario Bros, Super Mario World, Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out, or Contra. We guarantee, all these games won’t leave you cold.

How to Open NES Emulator Games on Your Device?

To open any of the above-mentioned game titles on your computer or mobile device, you need to install an emulator. Thankfully, the choice of emulators that you can download for free is huge. So after you pick and download NES ROMs, you need to find an emulating program that will help you run these files on your computer or smartphone.

What does an emulator do? Its key mission is to imitate the work of the console on your computer. They are used to help users run old, classic games on modern devices. Even if you didn’t play all these NES ROMs as a kid, you won’t regret if you try!

The most reliable emulators that you can use are SNES9x, OpenEMU, Fceux, My NES, Nes.emu, Nestopia UE, and John SNES. All of them are really cool software products that guarantee a superb gaming experience.

What About The Platform Compatibility?

It goes without saying that we all use different operating systems and not all emulators can work on Android and Mac. So before you download this or that tool, you should check the program characteristics to make sure it is suitable for your device. Let’s have a look at this issue in greater detail.


Many years ago, to play on the go was a dream. But in current times, you can easily make this dream come true. All that you have to do to open game ROMs on your Android device is to download the right emulator. The best items are SNES9x EX+, John SNES, RetroArch, and NEs.emu.


Considering the fact that Windows is probably the most widely-used operating system, it is not a big problem to find a suitable emulating program for it. ZSNES, RetroArch, Bizhawk, Higan, or Nestopia are powerful and multi-featured tools that you can install on your Windows-based device and go back to retro gaming.


Currently using Linux and searching for an emulator that can guarantee a seamless playing experience? Well, that’s a good decision. To achieve that goal, you should try RetroArch, Nestopia, Higan, or ZSNES. When using them, you can enjoy tons of NES video games on your device.