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Download NDS ROMs to Play Nintendo DS Games

Nintendo games need no introduction because all these game titles became an inseparable part of modern game culture. It goes without saying that people are still searching for the opportunities to immerse themselves in their favorite games they played as kids. Luckily, we live in the 21st century and have professional enthusiasts who managed to breathe new life into retro games and developed powerful emulators and NDS ROMs that allow us to preserve classic games right away.

The Nintendo DS went on sale 16 years ago. Though you won’t buy a new console today, you still have a chance to be lost in your favorite retro games. Due to all these tools, the Nintendo DS games will never sink into oblivion. If you have the itch to play New Super Mario or other legendary game titles, you can still do this.

The Nintendo DS wasn’t just a foremost gaming console. 16 years ago, the company managed to create a superb gaming device that could be controlled with the help of buttons. They also added a quality touch screen and a built-in microphone. All these enhancements made the gaming experience more pleasant.

The greatest advantage of the Nintendo DS is a wide array of superb options and the support of WiFi connection. Players from all over the globe liked this console due to immersive graphics and engaging gaming mechanics. First, the Nintendo DS was meant to complement such well-known gaming stations as the GameCube and Game Boy Advance, but its range of options and superb compatibility with the Game Boy series made this console a successor of the previous versions.

What Are The Most Popular NDS ROMs Games?

Though the console itself is already obsolete, we can’t tell the same about Nintendo DS ROMs that are still available. If a person has a strong desire to play this or that DS game, the first thing he or she does is browsing the web trying to find a reputable resource where all these items are offered. Look no further, because this website is a depository of NDS ROMs and emulation programs. To put it simply, here you can download a broad selection of decrypted 3DS ROMs. Here’s a list of items that are definitely worth your attention:

Pick the NDS ROM you take a liking to most of all and start your adventure with your favorite game characters.

Nintendo DS Emulator Games

This handheld game console has tons of engaging video game titles, but you can’t just download a foremost ROM file and immerse yourself into the adventures of Mario Kart or try to solve the Dragon quest. Your number one tool in this case is the emulator that will help you open any IOS file on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. 

Have a look at the list of the best emulators that guarantee a stable gaming experience and mostly run without any glitches:

What Platforms Support Nintendo DS?

To open a retro game you need two tools - a ROM file and an emulator. But there’s one issue that you should also bear in mind. You should always check the compatibility of the emulator with your operating system. Not all of them are multi-featured and some of them can be run on Mac only, whereas others can be run on iOS.


The below-listed items have a good reputation among players and mostly run smoothly on Windows devices:


When we talk about retro games, we can’t even imagine that technology has gone so far. Today, you can easily open any NDS titles on Android and play on the go. Use these tools to do that:

Mac OS

Currently using Mac? Well, these emulators might help you open your favorite classic ROMs on your device:


There are also some options for Linux. The choice is not huge but they work well on Linux-based devices:

When Nintendo DS hit shop shelves, it generated buzz in the area of gaming. Good sales immediately established it as the main successor of the Game Boy series. Unfortunately, you can’t buy it today but due to modern technologies, you can revel in your favorite Nintendo Ds game from your devices. But first, you should download all necessary tools from our website.