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Most Legendary Nintendo 64 Games ROMs and Emulators

Even if you have never played retro games, we bet you’ll appreciate the gaming experience the Nintendo video game console can give to you. The Nintendo 64 represents the fifth generation of home video gaming stations. First, it appeared on the shelves of the supermarkets in 1996, but still, its games occupy a special place in the hearts of gamers. Today, you won’t find this device anywhere because the company-manufacturer doesn’t produce gaming consoles anymore, but N64 ROMs download and an emulator can easily make your dream come true! All these tools are available on this website for free!

Almost immediately after the release date, this device grabbed the attention of teenagers from the whole world. First, it featured enhanced graphics and a wide array of the best Nintendo game titles. Secondly, gamers could reach an exceptional speed and superb gameplay because it was powered by a 64-bit processor. All in all, it was a revolutionary console that made online gaming more accessible and more interesting!

But unfortunately, nothing lasts forever and we can tell the same about this gaming platform. The technology is constantly evolving, so this doesn’t mean the doors to the world of retrogaming are closed. You can download N64 emulator ROMs, a suitable emulator, and take pleasure in retro games at any moment. 

What Are the Best Nintendo 64 Games?

Another benefit of the gaming platform is a superb choice of games. All of them are still available and you can download Nintendo 64 ROMs from our website for free. Check the list of the most top-of-the-line items and pick the ones you like most of all:

All of these emulator games guarantee stunning video effects, immersive sound effects, and high-quality of graphics. 

What Are the Most Reliable Nintendo 64 Emulators?

If you are a newbie to retrogaming, you probably know that a must-have tool of any person who wants to put his or her hands to classic games is an emulating program. Without it, you won’t run N64 emulator games. Thankfully, the modern software market offers a few reputable items! Eager to start playing? It’s a good idea, but first, you need to download one of the below-listed emulators. They might help you open any N64 ROM!


You can download each of them from our website in a few clicks.

The Compatibility of Emulators With Your Operating System

Two tools are needed to start playing classic games: ROM files and an emulator. However, you have to keep in mind that a lot depends on your operating system. Let’s move on to discussing this question more thoroughly.


If you use Windows, it is not an issue to find a suitable emulating program. You will hardly find a better emulator for Windows than Project 64. First, it’s a time-proven emulator that has already been tested by thousands of users. They mostly confirm that it runs without any glitches and issues. But you can also choose Mupen64Plus or Nice64.


Those who want to play on the move can use MegaN64, N64droid, Mupen64, or Cool N64  that were released specifically for this operating system. All of them guarantee high performance, pleasant gaming experience and high-quality graphics. To use them, there’s no need to install extra plug-ins.

Mac OS

To revel in retro games on Mac-based devices, you can use these emulating programs:


The choice of emulators for Linux is not huge but still, there are some tools to choose from. Mupen64Plus or M64Py might meet your needs.

Basically, the release of this gaming console was a progress in the niche of online gaming. Today, we have a bunch of high-quality emulating tools and a wide array of ROMs that you can set up on your device. All of them include a variety of advanced options that guarantee a stable gaming experience. You can find them all on this website so take your pick right away!