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What Are The Best Original Gameboy Games?

Nintendo Game Boy is a legendary handheld video game console that hit the market 30 years ago and almost immediately after the release date became at the pinnacle of success! The greatest benefit of this device was its portability. It was the first portable console in the Game Boy series that comprised lots of powerful options. Some features were the same as the NES home system and Game Watch series offered. The console had a longer battery life and its controller layout was similar to the NES controller.

Considering the popularity of online gaming today, you won’t buy the Gameboy console anywhere. The company has already stopped its production, but you still can enjoy the gameplay. Just download for free Gameboy ROMs and a suitable GB emulator on your device. After you do this, a wide array of GB games will be available to you!

Though the Nintendo Game Boy playing station has already gone out of sales, its game cartridges were converted into Game Boy ROMs that you can download online from this website. The greatest benefit of this console is a huge collection of games. For instance, you will hardly find a person who has never played Super Mario Land or Pokemon Blue. These action-adventure games won’t leave you indifferent. They will help you relax after a hard-working day!

Super Mario Land 2: Golden Coins, Mutant Ninja, SD Saint Seiya Paradise, Donkey Kong Land III, Pokemon Red and Blue editions - all these Game Boy Advance ROMs are the best game titles that were developed specifically for this console! Download Gameboy ROMs from our website, find something you like most of all and immerse yourself in the gameplay from any modern device.

What Emulators to Choose to Open Gameboy ROMs?

Remember one rule - when you download GB ROMs, you must also download an emulator - a special program that will help you open ROMs on your smartphone, tablet, or personal computer. Today, you have a good choice of emulators and you can download all of them from this website!

BGB emulator

This is probably the best solution that you can find online. BGB enables you to play your favorite games from your device. It guarantees superb sound effects, high-quality graphics, and excellent support. The emulator is overloaded with a variety of great options, including the capability to load from ZIP files, clock exact behaving, and good compatibility with various platforms.


The greatest benefit of this tool is its excellent compatibility with various consoles such as Game Boy Color, Gameboy Advance, and NES. With this tool, you can easily open almost any game title. The emulator allows you to save states and offers excellent hardware support. There’s a free version that has limited functionality and a paid one (with more options).


This is an absolutely free tool that is based on the Liberto development interface. When using this tool, you can easily open all the Gameboy ROMs. However, if you are a newbie in this niche, you’ll face some issues until you learn how to properly use it. But this emulator has a few benefits: there are no adverts and excellent compatibility with various operating systems.


The main goal of this tool is to provide Android users with an opportunity to play retro games. You can download it for free from the Google Play Store. Due to a dual-emulator option, users of this tool can save and load states. Moreover, this app is relatively light and doesn’t take too much space on your device!

Besides these tools, you can also try VBA, GearBoy, BasicBoy, John GBC, OpenEmu, or Higan. All of them are time-proved tools that you can use to enjoy retro gaming.

What Should You know About Compatibility With Various Platforms?

You have to bear in mind that some tools offer cross-platform compatibility whereas others run on specific operating systems. So be very attentive and check this information before you download this or that tool.

Emulators for iOS

Wish to enjoy the gameplay from your iPhone? Well, that’s not a problem. In such a scenario, you need to download GearBoy, VBA, Dolphin, or RetroArch. All of them guarantee a pleasant gaming experience to all iOS users.

Emulators for Windows

We have just reviewed the best emulators and all of them support Windows. RetroArch, Dolphin, GBG, Pantheon, ClassicBoy, BasicBoy - all these programs are suitable for your Windows-based device.

Emulators for Android

The below-listed emulators have recommended themselves as excellent tools for Android-powered devices:

Emulators for Linux

If you use Linux on an ongoing basis, you also have a good choice of powerful emulators that allow you to run any Nintendo Game Boy ROM on your computer. The best emulation tools are VBA, Higan, Dolphin, and RetroArch.

Indeed, emulators solve a variety of issues. Due to these simple tools, players still have access to games they played in childhood. So, don’t hesitate; download your favorite game titles and revel in the gameplay!