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What Are The Most Popular Neo Geo ROMs?

Neo Geo is a powerful gaming console that hit the market 20 years ago and was mainly popular in Japan. It featured a 24-bit processor, 16/32 bit CPU, and graphics GPU with 24-bit BUS. This particular arcade featured 6 cartridges that allowed the owners of the console to play multiple games from one device. But today, the console is a very rare item. First, it is really hard to buy it, secondly, its price is sky-high. But this doesn’t mean you can’t play some Neo Geo games today. Download Neo Geo ROMs from this website and you can immerse yourself in retro gaming from absolutely any device today.

Though the gaming device was developed specifically for the Japanese market, it had a vast collection of games that are really worth your attention. Let’s review some of the most popular Neogeo ROMs.

Samurai Shodown II offers incredible graphics, smooth animation, and interesting gaming experience. If you like fighting games, you’ll definitely appreciate this one. If you like action, we suggest playing Metal Slug - an action game that offers high-level design, glorious animation, and balanced gameplay. The Last Blade is considered the best-looking game that features deliberate pacing, over-the-top movements, and incredible aesthetics. If you prefer shooter games, you should definitely try your hand at Blazing Star - a game that offers engaging power-ups, insane bosses, and pre-rendered spirits.

Want to try something different? King of Fighters 98, Windjammers, Garou, Beo Turf Masters might meet your needs! All these games are still alive and you can easily play them in the maximum quality. Just download a required ROM file and an emulator from our website and play right away!

What Neo Geo Emulator to Choose?

If you don’t have a gaming console at hand, that’s not a problem! A powerful and reliable emulating program might meet your needs. The main goal of any emulator is to provide users with an opportunity to play retro games on any modern device, laptop, computer, tablet or smartphone. All these programs imitate the work of a console on your device and enable you to run ROMs. As well as any other gaming console, this one also has a few time-proved emulators that you can download right now. The most widely used items are FB Alpha, NeoRagex and RetroArch.

The Compatibility of Neo Geo ROMs With Your Operating System

What is the main thing any person should check before installing this or that program? The compatibility of this program with your operating system. Not all emulation tools are cross-platform. Therefore, you need to double-check whether the chosen emulator will be working on your device.

What emulators to choose for Mac?

Wish to play classic games from iOS supported devices? MAME, GeoMAME, OpenEmu or RetroArch might meet your needs. All these programs offer seamless gaming experience. But they support iOS X version or higher.

Emulators that are suitable for Windows

It is not a problem to find a suitable emulator for Windows. The best tools include:

Best tools for Android 

A few years ago, it was a dream to play retro games on a mobile device. Today, you can easily make this dream come true. NeoDroid or NEO.emu are superb tools that allow you to run Neo Geo Roms on your mobile device.

Linux supported Neo Geo emulators

Even if you use Linux, you still have a chance to access your favorite classic games. The best tools that are compatible with Linux are MAME, GnGeo and RetroArch. All of them guarantee a pleasant gaming experience. 

This gaming console is less popular than Xbox or Nintendo. Moreover, in some countries it wasn’t even offered for sale. But today, with the help of ROMs and emulation programs, you can test the gameplay on your device.